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Welcome to TrailHUB! TrailHUB is all about Local and making it easy for Trail Providers to share their Trails & their Voice putting endless smiles on our faces! No one knows the Trails, the local community, landowner relations and sustainability challenges better than the hard working folks who build and maintain the trails. We are purpose built for only the most passionate Trail Providers. We call it #trailpassion

TrailHUB is packed with features helping trail providers communicate and enhance the on- & off- trail experience for outdoor enthusiasts in your community.


I’m Shannon, multi-generation Vermonter and like you, I love being outdoors and have this passion for many outdoor activities. I also have a great respect for the private/public landowners who value recreation allowing us to enjoy their land.

With more than 25 years of technology experience I have a relentless inner motivation to make information access easy and to help people and organizations solve problems. My Vision for TrailHUB begins with passionate Trail Providers Signing UP and sharing their Trails and their Voice. If you are not yet seeing Trail Networks in your region/community, be sure to mention TrailHUB! We support small 100% volunteer trail providers, medium/large municipalities up to Large Enterprise Class Resorts.

I hope you enjoy what I've started and with your help/ideas/suggestions, the TrailHUB platform will only get better! Email or call me anytime.

I’m Shannon, multi-generation Vermonter and Founder of TrailHUB. Like you, I love being outdoors & enjoy many outdoor activites.
Shannon King Founder & CEO



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