Your trails, your voice - deliver official conditions

Communication is at the heart of what we do, and TrailHUB gives you the power to speak directly to your best current & future customers through multiple channels with a single update. Users  follow your trail networks on TrailHUB, or receive information through our industry partners, the content is 100% under your control, and never crowd sourced.

Websites, Apps and Communications in-sync

We offer a simple Widget showing Trail Conditions on your Website, and an optional enterprise class API allowing your web developers to auto-update your personally branded website. We’ll also send you a weekly update with information to assist in your marketing and maintenance efforts.

(TrailHUB updates automatically appear on Ski Vermont).

Promote services and events

Add service locations to the map to show your guests where they can find everything they need to make their day complete. Grow attendance at your events by using the info alerts to let people know what’s going on, and promote to folks traveling in from our-of-state who would not otherwise be aware.

Manage parking and guest flow

TrailHUB shows prospective and new guests exactly where you are, and integrates with Google Maps to provide directions. The locations where you wish people to park are added precisly to our app, with the drop of a pin, and information can be added to help new visitors orientate themselves.

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Improve safety

The interactive app shows your guests exactly where they are on the trails, with a color coded difficulty rating in list or map view. Not only does this enable people to make a safer trail selection, but also alleviates common barriers to a comfortable, enjoyable day on your trails.

The surface condition update tool within TrailHUB allows any assigned trustee to update conditions from a mobile device, giving trail users to power to select equipment and routes with the most relevant information.

Collaborate across departments and users

By assigning trustees, our platform efficiently allows multiple people to play a role in the marketing and maintenance of your trails.

A groomer could update conditions from the trail, which is then replicated to any website and delivered to thousands via push-notifications instantly. Or trusted user could highlight a portion of trail that needs extra attention.

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Support land owner and wildlife interests

Whether it’s maple sugaring or hunting season, TrailHUB acts as a communication tool to reach users and help ensure land owner wishes are respected, and ultimately keep trails open longer by fostering cooperation.

Our platform assists in the preservation of wildlife and follows directives from state authorities around key events in a species life cycle such as mating or birth.

"Totally digging the control of trail updates!"

CJ Scott, Trails Manager, Kingdom Trails Association
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